Dyno & Tuning

Our in-house Dynojet 248 chassis dynamometer is capable of measuring up to 2000 HP and 200 MPH. We utilize the most up to date WinPEP Dynojet software calibrated for our specific dyno. All dyno electronics are current and serviced. Safety straps are always pre-inspected before runs. Vehicles go through a mandatory preliminary safety inspection performed before any session. A safe viewing area is available above the dyno platform for video and pictures.

All of our tunes are designed to not only make great power, but to deliver unsurpassed drivability. Whether you are looking to make the most power, increase fuel economy, or just improve the way your transmission shifts, we can help. From completely stock vehicles to highly modified street and race cars we have you covered.

All Underground Performance custom tunes come with post dyno support for any changes or customer requests at no additional charge. As long as additional mods have not been performed.

Vehicles with aftermarket cams, heads, forced induction (non stock) or required MAF or other sensor scaling etc will/may incur additional charges.

Dyno tuning sessions for heavily modified vehicles will be priced on a per vehicle basis.

Discounts available for other shops that may wish to use our facility for R&D, to tune or set-up their customer vehicles, etc.

Dyno tuning sessions are sold in blocks. This includes a custom tune for a stock or slightly modified vehicle (bolt ons) with WBO2 and folder with printouts of runs.



  • 3 base line pulls
  • Folder with printouts of runs
  • No mechanical adustments
  • $15 for WBO2
  • $25 for WBO2 leaded fuels


$150first hour

  • $125 per additional hour
  • Power-train break-in
  • Daignostics & Self Tuning
  • $15 WBO2
  • $15 WBO2 with leaded fuels

The following listed are examples of common custom tune charges.

Classic/Carburated (includes jetting for holleys) $150 an hour, 2 hour minimum
Chrylser, Viper, SRT (Diablo Sport CMR) $300 (does not include tuner)
GM (EFI Live) $500
Ford (BE, Moates) $500
Ford (SCT) $300 (does not include tuner or license)
Subaru $300 plus diff spool fee
Diesel (EFI Live) $500
Aftermarket standalone systems (AEM, Haltech, Apexi, ETC) $150 an hour, 2 hour minimum
Hondata, Neptune RTP, Moates Demon $300
Eurodyne, Uprev Quoted