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To help cultivate a passion for street performance and off road vehicles in Alaska. Provide a premium shop environment where even the most selective clients feel their needs are met. Perform all services without compromising quality or value. Let our quality of work and honesty provide future work thus minimizing the need for advertisement and marketing.


Nick Dallaportas, owner operator, currently has over 20 years of experience in the automotive after market industry. Starting as a shop helper for an off road shop in Florida to now owning his own performance shop in Alaska over that span of time. He is an ASE certified master technician with specialties in anything aftermarket related.


Underground Performance opened in April 2006. It's the collaboration of Nick and Jess Dallaportas. Nick, born and raised in Florida has deep roots in the street performance and off road scene in his home town area. After about 15 years in the industry, Nick (and Jess) decided it was time to give Alaska a dedicated aftermarket shop that could build performance street and off road vehicles. This cultivated a deep passion to build some of the most unique and cleanest custom vehicles in Alaska. So far so good. Alaska has been able to keep this dream alive even through the many years of U.S. economic stress. Alaska is a very special market and we hope to continue to serve Alaska for years to come.

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